Public Disclosure FAQ

Due to COVID-19 distancing requirements, KITTCOM is requesting that you please mail, e-mail, or fax any public disclosure requests. 

If necessary, a public disclosure request may be made in person at KITTCOM by appointment.

What is meant by the term “public disclosure”?

KITTCOM is considered a local government public agency and is therefore subject to the Public Records Act. The law details the rules government agencies must follow with regard to the disclosure of their records.

What kind of information is available from KITTCOM?

You may request records related to events involving local police, fire and medical agencies including computer aided dispatch event and radio logs as well as recordings of telephone conversations and/or radio transmissions. Records related to the organization’s administration such as budgets, Board minutes, resolutions and other agency business are also available.

What type of information is exempt from public disclosure?

Most of KITTCOM’s calls involve the reporting of crimes. As a result, some disclosure requests are denied under one of the exceptions to the Public Disclosure Act which protects people who make reports. Disclosure will also be refused if a case is under investigation. In addition, information involving emergency medical service calls is generally considered privileged, and will not be released.

If I’ve been charged with a crime, aren’t I entitled to the information?

Perhaps, but you will have to request the information as part of the pre-trial discovery process. Contact the agency responsible for prosecuting the case for more information.

What about information for incidents involving State or Federal agencies?

Unless a local agency was directly involved, KITTCOM would not have any information regarding events handled by State or Federal officials. This includes the Washington State Patrol, Fish and Game, Liquor Control, Gambling Commission, Department of Resources (DNR); US Forest Service, FBI, ATF, INS, etc.

How do I request information from KITTCOM?

The best option is to download the request form. You may also call and ask to have the form faxed or mailed to you.

May I pick up a form in person?

Yes, but you must first call (509) 925-8534 to make an appointment with the Director or a Supervisor. KITTCOM is a small agency with no clerical staff, and dispatchers may not be able to leave the dispatch operations area to answer the main door, and they will not “buzz in” visitors who do not have appointments.

What if my questions weren’t answered here?

Please send us an email message using the form located on the contact page.