Interlocal Agreements

House Bill 2676 (effective on June 7, 2006) allows Interlocal Cooperative Agreements to be made available in electronic format on a public agency’s web site or other electronically retrievable public source. This amends RCW 39.34.040 and provides an alternative to filing those Agreements with the County Auditor.

The list below is active Interlocal Cooperative Agreements that have been approved by the KITTCOM Board of Commissioners.


Filename / LinkSize
Agreement between KITTCOM and CWUPD.pdf2.92 Mb
Agreement between KITTCOM and King~Kittitas County Fire Dist 51 SPFR.pdf2.97 Mb
Agreement between KITTCOM and PUD for Dispatch and After Hours Callout.pdf2.4 Mb
Agreement with BLM for Dispatch Services ending in 2020.pdf2.65 Mb
Agreement with BLM for Dispatch Services.pdf2.76 Mb
Agreement with Kittitas County for Reciprocal Fiber and Tech Transport Collaboration.pdf3.47 Mb
Communication Site Agreement with WSP.pdf17.76 Mb
Facility Use Agreement with KVFR.pdf1.26 Mb
IT Hosting Services (Hosted Backup Solution) between KITTCOM and Kittitas County.pdf4.44 Mb
Interlocal Agreement between KITTCOM and City of Ellensburg for MAN Network Services.pdf935.33 Kb
Interlocal Agreement between KITTCOM and Kittitas County for Email and Website Hosting Support Services.pdf2.69 Mb
Interlocal Agreement with Kittitas County PUD.pdf3.01 Mb
Interlocal between KITTCOM & Kittitas County Prosecutors Office.pdf3.58 Mb
KITTCOM Interlocal.pdf2.02 Mb
Radio Site Sublease Agreement KITTCOM and KIngCounty PSERN.pdf41.28 Mb