Hiring Process FAQ for Emergency Services Dispatcher Position

Is KITTCOM’s hiring process governed by civil service rules?

No, KITTCOM is an independent unit of local government, so civil service regulations do not apply to our organization. KITTCOM does not have to maintain a “list” of candidates for a specific period.

Can I tour the center before the test?

Once a hiring process is started, to be fair to all participants, we do not allow any candidates to tour the center. (Candidates who get past the interview phase in the hiring process are scheduled to observe in the center plugged in with a dispatcher for two hours.)

 What’s the testing process like?

Very rigorous. It is intended to identify candidates who have the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to do the job. KITTCOM uses tests that are also used by other dispatch centers around the country. Statistically, candidates who score high have a far greater chance of success during the initial training period than those with average or low scores.

How flexible does my schedule have to be in order to work for KITTCOM?

Employees are sometimes called back to work on short notice if there is an unexpected illness or a spike in emergency activity levels. Those who were most recently hired (and therefore are lowest in seniority) cover vacation and sick leave for more senior employees, so schedule flexibility is critical. New employees must also demonstrate consistent attendance in order to successfully complete training and the one year probationary period.

 I’m a student. Should I apply?

KITTCOM has a rotating work schedule and stringent attendance requirements that makes the job incompatible for full-time students with fixed class schedules.

Are KITTCOM’s dispatchers members of a labor group?

All emergency services dispatch personnel at KITTCOM are members of General Teamsters Local 760.

What’s the background investigation like?

Thorough, intense and strict.You will be disqualified from consideration for employment if you have used LSD, heroin, cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, ecstasy or several other illegal drugs, as this list is not all inclusive.You are also unlikely to be hired if you have been convicted of a crime; have stolen money or goods from an employer (more than de minimis quantities of office supplies or copies) have a poor driving record or a poor credit history. Generally, individuals who have demonstrated irresponsibility and/or poor judgment in their life choices are not hired.

Good grief – I’m not sure I’m still interested! Why all the hoops?!

We know! As the saying goes, many are called, but few are chosen. Because our staff members are a key part of the public safety team, their integrity must be beyond reproach.

How long does the whole process take?

From the date of the first test, it takes between from 4-8 weeks to hire a new employee. Variables include the time it takes for the background investigation, availability of appointments with polygraph specialists, psychologists and medical professionals as well as the amount of notice a candidate has to give if he or she is leaving another job.